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Fence Committee Info (also sent via e-mail 5/29/24):

Somerset Neighbors-

As the Board considers options for maintaining or replacing the fence along White Oak Avenue and along the bike path along the former White Oak alignment on the east side of our neighborhood, a Fence Committee will be formed to assist in the process.

The Fence Committee would ideally be 2-3 residents whose homes are along the fence, 2-3 additional residents, and 2-3 board members.  The Committee will obtain and review repair or replacement proposals to make a recommendation to the Board of Directors.

This is a great chance to participate in an important decision for our neighborhood.  If you’re interested, please attend a quick kick-off meeting at the pool on Sunday June 2 at 6:00 pm.

If you are interested in participating but cannot attend, please reach out to any Board Member or advise of your interest via e-mail to [email protected].


Somerset Board of Directors

Aaron Kock, President 312.339.7774

Lauryn Pistilli, Vice President 219.781.3239

Dennis Nowak, Secretary / Treasurer  219.798.9155

Julie Tauber, Board Member 219.545.7593

David Southwell, Board Member 639.709.3022

Alex Ostoich, Board Member 205.526.9659

Jason Adamus, Board Member 708.945.1944

2024 Pool Season begins Saturday May 25!

The pool will open for the season on Saturday May 25.  Pool policies are posted here in the Pool Information & Party Schedule and Pool Party and Guest Info sections, have been distsributed via e-mail, and are available at the pool.
Please note that to make things clear and easy for our pool attendants, we are requiring residents to bring a form of ID to verify residency.  Thank you!


Somerset HOA Annual Meeting - this Thursday, 4/25/2024


6/6/23 Dues and Pool Rules reminder
A few quick updates as we approach the 6/30 due date for annual dues and are early in the pool season:
-Thanks to everyone who has paid their annual dues.   If you have not yet paid, please send your $495 annual dues to Somerset HOA, PO Box 3235, Munster IN 46321.
-The pool heater has been on-line since mid-last week and the pool has been busy.  It's great to see many Somerset residents enjoying the pool. 
-Please remember that the guest limit at the pool is 4 guests per household.   For gatherings with over 4 guests, a pool party can be scheduled.  Forms with pool party details and contact info for scheduling are available at the pool, attached to a recent e-mail, and at here on the website.
-Unfortunately we've had a few groups who do not live in Somerset try to enter the pool.  To assist our pool attendants with potential situations like these, pool attendants may ask attendees for a drivers license or some other ID to verify an address.  We hope these situations are very few and far between.  If you haven't gotten to know the attendees and the attendees ask for an ID, please be respectful and work with them.  In almost all cases, providing your name and address will suffice.
-The Somerset Directory will go live soon.  Please double-check your account privacy settings.  Details on how to check privacy settings are in a prior e-mail.
As always, please reach out to anyone on the board with questions or comments.   Board member contact info is available at the pool and on the HOA website, or an e-mail can be sent to [email protected]
Somerset Board of Directors


The pool is scheduled to open for the 2023 summer season on Saturday 5/27 at 11:00 am.
Pool guest pass rules, party rules, and party request form are posted in this section for reference and are available at the pool.  Please contact pool manager Lauryn Pistilli at 219-781-3239 or [email protected] with any questions  Questions can also be directed to [email protected] or to any board member.
Summary of key points and updates:
-Pool Hours:  The pool will be open every day from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm.  
-Guests:  Guest fee is $5 per day for up to 4 guests.  For example, if a family brings one guest to the pool, the cost is $5 for the day.  If a family brings 3 guests to the pool, the fee is $5 for the day.  The season-long guest pass has been discontinued.  The Somerset resident hosting the guest(s) must be present at all times while their guests are at the pool.
-Pool Parties:  Party policies and rules are generally unchanged from last year.  Parties must be scheduled in advance and can take place from 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm.  Pool party request forms and rules forms are available online here, at the pool, or from Lauryn or any board member.  Scheduled pool parties will be posted at the pool and online so residents can plan pool visits accordingly.


2023 Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday April 27 at 7:00 pm in the large meeting room at Munster Town Hall.

Somerset Neighbors-

The Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday April 27, 2023 at 7:00 pm in the large meeting room at Munster Town Hall.

Notice has been sent via mail.  The notice and proposed budget were also attached to the e-mail notice.

***THIS IS NOT AN INVOICE***  Annual dues invoices will be sent after a budget is approved.

To ensure we achieve a quorum at the Annual Meeting, please make every effort to attend.

Also, the Board met to discuss concerns about baseball practices being held at the park and decided to prohibit organized team practices at Somerset Park.   Please refrain from holding team practices at the park.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions or comments.

Thank you,

Somerset Board of Directors

[email protected]



9/15/2022:  The Pool will be open for normal hours this week through Sunday 9/18.  Sunday will the last pool day for the season.


6/21/2022: The pool will be closing for regular maintenance today at 5:00 pm.  Apologies for the inconvenience.  The pool will re-open tomorrow at 11:00 am.


6/12/2002: Pool is open!


6/4/2022 Pool Update:

A quick update on the pool:  The work to repaint the pool is progressing, but the pool will not be ready to be open this weekend.  If all goes as planned, we hope to open on Saturday June 11. The new epoxy paint was applied yesterday.  Our pool contractor Roberts Pools advises the paint needs a few days to cure.  After the paint is cured, the pool will be filled on Wednesday and Thursday.  Water levels and chemicals will be dialed in on Friday, and hopefully we'll be open on Saturday.    Thanks for your patience as we complete the repainting.   Updates will be available if the schedule changes.

Background:  Roberts repainted the pool in spring of 2020.  But by the end of that season chips in the paint were appearing.   The correct paint was not available last spring, so repainting was delayed to this spring.   We were in contact with Roberts throughout the winter to stay on top of the list for work to begin in the spring.  Unfortunately the painting requires several consecutive rain-free days and the weather did not cooperate so we weren't able to complete the job for the traditional Memorial Day weekend opening.   Because the 2020 paint job did not last nearly as long as expected, Roberts is performing the work this spring at no additional cost to the HOA.

Thanks for your continued patience.


5/27/2022 Pool Update:
Due to the pool repainting taking longer than originally anticipated, the pool will not be open for Memorial Day weekend.  We are pushing our pool contractor to complete the work as soon as possible while ensuring quality work.


2022 Annual Meeting: Save the Date
The 2022 Annual Meeting is scheduled for Thursday April 28 at 6:00 pm.
Location Munster branch of the Lake County Public Library, 8701 Calumet Ave, Large Meeting Room.
Time: 6:00 pm

8/2/21 Projects Update:

A few quick updates on current projects:

-Basketball/pickleball court surface is finished and the net was installed yesterday.  Tennis and basketball/pickleball courts are now fully open.

We are obtaining a quote to level dirt around basketball/pickleball and remove the concrete base of the unused basketball goal. There was much less damage than there could have been to surrounding fence and landscape from the resurfacing due to Perma Seal being careful about bringing trucks in after wet weather, so our budgeted costs for repair will be more than cover minor landscape work to finish the court resurfacing project.
-Picnic tables arrived 2 weeks ago and are now assembled.  They’re both at the park for now. 
-New pool house doors should be ready in the next few weeks after a lengthy backorder delay.
-Pool furniture has been ordered, but won’t arrive until over the winter.
-We have not done much work on an updated park sign as of yet.

6/21/21 Projects Update:
A few quick updates on current projects:
-Tennis court resurfacing is complete.  The new court looks fantastic and is open for use.
-Basketball court:  Asphalt overlay is complete.  The asphalt will need to cure for a few more weeks before the finish coat and lines are applied.  The court should be re-opened soon for use (sans lines) until curing is complete.
-Pool House doors have been ordered, but are back-ordered and not likely to be installed until late July.

-Pool furniture is also back-ordered and is not likely to be available during the current pool season.  We fully expect to have updated pool furniture for spring of 2022.
-2 new picnic tables for the park should arrive in early July
-Park Sign - we're just starting the process of getting updated design options.  If anyone is interested in helping with that process, e-mail [email protected] and you can be included in the process.

6/23/21 Pool Update:

Somerset Neighbors,

After a few weeks of pool season, we have a few updates and clarifications to share.

Family Guest Passes:  The Guest Pass is intended to be used for family members who do not live at Somerset.  Thus, the name will be changing to the Family Guest Pass.  We may not have been clear that the pass is not intended to be for general guests.   The Family Guest Pass is intended for close family members who plan to visit the pool frequently.   Only family members who are registered on your account at www.somersetmunster.com can use the Family Guest Pass.

Anyone who purchased a guest pass intending to use it for non-family members is welcome to request a refund.  

Pool Guest Fee: Going forward, the pool guest fee will be a flat $2 per guest.  Note that nannies, babysitters, or childcare providers accompanying Somerset-resident children are not subject to a guest fee.   Guests must be accompanied by a Somerset resident.

Guest Limit: Each address is limited to 5 guests per visit.   If the pool is extremely crowded, which is rare, the Pool Manager may temporarily halt guest admissions.

Pool Parties:   We have had a lot of interest in pool parties this year, which is great.  With that additional interest, we have become aware that we need to set a few details about pool parties:

  • When a pool party is booked the 2 large tables and lounge chairs on the west side of the pool will be reserved exclusively for use of the party.
  • For pool parties held during regular pool hours, the pool will remain open to other Somerset residents and their guests, but the above-mentioned areas of the pool will be reserved for the party.
  • Pool parties may extend past regular closing time at the discretion of the Pool Manager. No pool parties should continue later than 9:00 pm.
  • Cost to book a pool party is $25, plus a $100 refundable deposit. The deposit will be returned when the party is complete and all party-related items are taken down, trash is disposed of properly, and restrooms/changing rooms are in good condition.
  • A list of booked pool parties will be posted at the pool and on the HOA website so all pool users will know when a party will be happening.
  • Park green space is available for parties (i.e. tent or bounce house) subject to prior approval from the Pool Manager and Board of Directors.
  • Alcoholic beverages may be provided for guests 21 and over subject to proper supervision of party guests.   No glass bottles are allowed inside the pool area. 

It’s wonderful to see the pool busy with Somerset families having fun this summer.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  Enjoy the pool this summer!

Somerset HOA Board of Directors

5/27/21 pm: 
Due to the forecast of rain tonight, the Annual Meeting location has been changed to the White Oak Park pavilion.


5/27/21 am: 
In the event of rain, the Annual Meeting will be held at the pavilion at White Oak Park.   If we need to move the meeting location, notification will be posted here, sent via e-mail, and posted prominently at the pool.


5/10/21: Annual Meeting Info

The Annual Meeting is scheduled for Thursday May 27, 2021 at 6:00 pm at the Somerset pool.  An electronic version of the information packet mailed to all Somerset addresses is attached in the 2021 Annual Meeting Information page (link on the right on the full website, or via the menu button on the mobile website).


6/15/20: Pool Opening Info

Somerset Neighbors,

The pool is on track to open this week.  Repairs and repainting work has been completed, and the pool looks great.  It will be filled starting on Monday, and will open as soon as all the levels are dialed in.  We hope for a Tuesday or Wednesday opening.

A few updates to the existing pool rules are below.  We are using recommendations by the CDC and also mirroring some of the steps taken by other public pools in the area.  All COVID-19 related rules are subject to change depending on guidance from appropriate authorities or Somerset-specific experience.

-Safety and cleaning are high priorities this summer.  Pool attendants will be sure tables and chairs are disinfected after use.
-Be aware of social distancing at all times.
-Pool attendants will be supplied with masks.  Masks will not be required to be worn at all times in the outdoor setting of the pool.  Masks should be worn during interactions when social distancing cannot be followed.
-The danger of contracting COVID-19 exists should you choose to utilize the pool.
-Normal operating hours of 11:00 am - 7:00 pm are in effect.  We may expand or experiment with different hours, with any updates to be posted on the Somerset neighborhood website.
-Maximum capacity "inside the fence" will be 20 people.
-Maximum group size is 5 people.
-No guests allowed.  Note that caregivers, grandparents, close family are all allowed.
-No private parties will be scheduled.
-This summer, the pool is BYOT (Bring Your Own Toys).

Also, reminder that the Annual Meeting is scheduled for this Thursday, 6/18, at 6:00 pm at the pool.

Somerset Board of Directors

5/30/20:  Park/pool update

Somerset Neighbors,

We're glad to announce the Somerset park and courts will be open on Monday June 1.This is in accordance with Indiana's Back on Track plan.

The pool, unfortunately, is still a few weeks from reopening. The pool is being acid washed, re-sealed, and repainted this spring. We had hoped this would be completed in time for a June 1 pool opening, but the recent rain has delayed the work. We hope the work can be completed by mid-June, and the pool will reopen upon completion.

Annual meeting is Thursday June 18 at 6:00pm at the pool.
Annual dues of $400 are due June 1. Dues should be mailed to PO Box 3235 Munster IN 46321.

Somerset Board of Directors

5/16/20:  Annual Meeting Date and Park/Pool Update:

Somerset Neighbors,

The Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday June 18, 2020 at 6:00 pm at the pool.
If weather does not cooperate, the meeting will be held at Munster Town Hall.
This assumes the Back on Track plan proceeds as currently outlined. Lake County is projected to be in Stage 3 on June 18. During Stage 3, gatherings of 100 or fewer are allowed. We hope the outdoor location at the pool will allow plenty of space.
An official meeting notice has been sent all Somerset addresses via US Mail.

-president's report
-treasurer's report
-old business
-new business
-election of officers

If you are interested in serving on the board, please let us know by sending a note to [email protected] Nominations may also be made at the meeting.

**Park and courts update**: Playgrounds, tennis courts, and basketball courts are allowed to re-open with social distancing in Phase 3, which is currently set to begin June 1 in Lake County.

**Pool update**: Weather permitting, Roberts Pools will be acid washing, performing crack repair, and repainting the pool beginning on Monday 5/18. Per the Back on Track guidelines, community pools may open in Stage 3 / June 1 in accordance with CDC guidelines. We hope to have the pool open on June 1. There may be a cap on the number of people allowed at the pool or other additional safety guidelines as we ensure we balance pool availability with safety.

Thanks to everyone who has already sent in their 2020-21 annual dues. Checks will be deposited at the beginning of the HOA's fiscal year on June 1.

If you have not yet paid, this is a friendly reminder that annual dues of $400 are due on June 1. Dues can be mailed to:
Somerset Homeowners Association
PO Box 3235
Munster IN 46321

An interim budget report is available in the Historical Documents section of the website for review prior to the annual meeting.

Somerset Board

5/4/20: Per state orders, the park, basketball court, and tennis court are closed

In accordance with guidelines set by the state, the Somerset park, basketball court, and tennis court will remain closed until allowed to reopen in Phase 3 of the Back on Track plan.  The basketball goal has been decommissioned until Phase 3 begins.  Signs will be posted noting the temporary closures.     We all hope to reopen all facilities as soon as is allowable and safe.

For complete info on the Back on Track plan, visit https://www.backontrack.in.gov/2348.htm

4/5/2020: Annual Meeting Postponed, Special Assessment proposal tabled

Due to current circumstances with COVID-19, the Annual Meeting originally scheduled for Thursday April 30 will be postponed until gatherings of 10 more more are once again allowed.
A notice of meeting delay, annual dues notice, and an updated interim treasurer's report will be sent via US mail soon. Official notice for a rescheduled Annual Meeting will be sent as soon as the meeting date can be set.

Additionally, the special assessment proposal will be tabled. Without the ability to meet and share information about the proposal, the Board feels that now is not the best time to seek for additional funds. The need to fund maintenance on our common elements remains, and we will continue to evaluate the best way to address these needs.

Thanks and stay safe,
Somerset Board of Directors

Aaron Kock, President, 312.339.7774
Lauryn Pistilli, Vice President
Julie Tauber, Treasurer
Casey Bouton, Secretary
Larry Velchek, Member


Info session has been postponed.  Please check back for updates.

The info session scheduled for 6:30 pm Monday 3/16 will be held at the Community Park Social Center, 8751 Lions Club Drive.
This is just southeast of the library, and just east of the Boy Scouts building.    Meeting location is posted on signs in our neighborhood, and will be sent out via e-mail.

Updated Special Assessment Proposal


An updated proposal to refresh several common elements has been released.   A letter summarizing the proposal has been sent via US mail, e-mail, and is included along with full detail of the proposal in the Special Assessment Proposal section of this website.  Please review the information and contact any Somerset board member if you have any questions.  An info session will be held on Monday March 16 at 6:00 pm, location TBD, to discuss the proposal.  Location will be finalized shortly and posed here and on signs at the Somerset neighborhood entrances.

The proposal will be scheduled for a vote at the Annual Meeting, to be held on Thursday April 30 at 6:00 pm at Munster Town Hall.  Formal Annual Meeting Notice will be sent via US mail soon.

Aaron Kock
President, Somerset HOA

[email protected]


6/27/2019 Special Meeting Recap

Delivered: Jun 28, 2019 10:52am
To: All members
From: [email protected]
Attachments: None


Our vote on the proposed special Assessment was 63-7 in favor. We also received several proxy forms with a Yes vote after the vote concluded. We thank everyone for the great show of support.

Unfortunately, we came up short of the required 99 votes, so the measure did not pass.

We plan to reconvene, make a few adjustments, and put in place a plan to let us reach more of the 57 neighbors who did not submit a vote. So stay tuned.

A few other quick updates:

-we have received FY 2019-20 annual dues from 87% of homeowners. Reminder letters will go out shortly to those who have not paid.

-we have heard some questions/complaints regarding homeowners allowing yards or weeds to become overgrown. The Town of Munster Community Service Officer can assist with these situations. Officer Joe Newton can be contacted at 219-836-6659 or [email protected]
More info here: https://www.munster.org/department/division.php?structureid=172

[email protected]


Update 6/24/19:

Additional detail on cost breakdown and specifics on each project included in the proposed special assessment have been added to the Special Assessment Proposal page. 

The 2018-19 President's Report and a draft 2018-19 Treasurer's Report are now available via the Historical Documents page.


A special assessment to reinvest in Somerset's common areas has been proposed. 

A special meeting will be held on Thursday June 27 at 7:00 pm at the pool to vote on the special assessment.  Details are on the Special Assessment Proposal page linked from this page.  

Info sessions will be held on Thursday June 13 and Monday June 24 at 7:00 pm at the pool to share information, answer questions, and gather support.

Proxy forms will be available at the info sessions.  Board members may also reach out to residenta in-person to discuss the projects to be included in the special assessment.

Any questions can be sent via the HOA's e-mail address [email protected] or by calling board president Aaron Kock at 312.339.7774.